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Rita is a Portuguese artist based in London. She lives with her husband and their little daughter called Laura. Rita grew up in a small town near Lisbon. She was the baker´s daughter who loved cakes, books and drawing; things she loves in adulthood. She moved to Caldas da Rainha in the Portuguese coast to study Fine Arts, a move that had a great impact on both her personality and work. After graduating, Rita explored various occupations to support her work as an artist, such as a Photographer, Art teacher and Art educator. All these experiences helped to consolidate her practice and dialogue. She went back to school again - books being a passion of hers - to do a MA in Arts Teaching. Seven years ago she moved to London with her husband, had a daughter and there´s where the story begins all over again.

Aside from attending upcoming shows, you can also follow her process on Instagram.

About my work

My work talks about my story but also about other people stories - they are always part of the picture. It is always about memories, collective memories. How do we see the drawing? How do we feel about the drawing? Pieces of art want to play with the spectator, he is always part of the work. He completes the image. The piece remains unfinished until it connects with its spectator. 

My drawings are like doubles, always pretending to be something else. They are somewhat revealing but unrevealing at the same time. They are not the body, they are the blanket that reveals the body. My images, no matter which medium I am working with, (normally drawing and photography) are like a dictionary of marks, memories, scratches and places. They are there, existing with or without the body.  

My process demands a raw process of gesture and repetition, suggesting essential drawing techniques, normally used in landscapes or portrait. 



2014 - MA Visual Arts Teaching, Faculdade de Belas Artes da Universidade de Lisboa, in Lisbon, PT

2004 - BA Fine Arts, Escola Superior de Arte e Design, in Caldas da Rainha PT